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Safe Travels, Sweet Ladybug

I recently had and encounter with a striped ladybug at Sylvan Beach in LaPorte, Texas. We were at our annual kite flying day(a tradition started by my mother) and as the day was winding down and phone batteries were expiring, this lovely creature landed on a water bottle. Of all the places of this vast land, she chose my water bottle top.
This was my first time ever seeing a ladybug with stripes. I immediately grabbed my phone to try to hurry and get this rare bug on camera so I can share with the world what I've seen. As soon as I snapped the photo, the phone said its last goodbye with a black screen. I thought, awww man, I wont get to share this beauty. My sister quickly handed me her phone and I took the shot... I was so busy admiring the beauty of the bug, I accidentally snapped a photo of the grass. Yep.... the grass. By the time I'd realized my mistake, she'd flown away.....That day I learned to take the shot with my own eyes and keep a mental photo. The thought of this stripped ladybug stayed on my mind for the rest of the day.. Something told me to Google it to see if there was some significance because I just couldn't shake the image.

"Perhaps you’ve been thinking about your future or your next move and wondering if you’re following the right path to your freedom and success. In a moment of quiet contemplation, the ladybug arrives to let you know there’s no need to worry and no need to rush. Just let things unfold naturally. A ladybug sighting is one way a spirit can send you a comforting “I’m here” if ladybugs remind you of a special person. Try to “feel” the message of your ladybug sighting."(

"A ladybug sighting reminds you to remain calm in your quest for your true path. It’s also there to let you know that whatever you’re doing at the moment or whatever you have in mind for the future is the proper path for you. The path to true enlightenment is never short—sometimes it’s never-ending, but if you stick with what you inherently know to be your truth and exhibit patience and determination, you really can’t go wrong."(

Deep sigh.....and that's all I have to say about that.


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