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Talk About It With

Tiffany Faye

Talk Show

Coming Back Soon

Where you been?

New Episodes coming soon!

Idgaf what season it is or what episode it is, honestly, I lost count. Just get in!

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About The Show

Talk About It With Tiffany Faye started on Instagram Live in Summer 2020 as a networking experiment. The show quickly gained a strong, interesting and supportive local and International audience. The show aired on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm and featured a song and a guest to "Talk About" their product or service.

The quirky, strange and unusual Podcast/Talk Show host, Tiffany Faye discusses everything from current events to sex and masturbation.

The Show is most times Rated R and not suitable for children.

Talk About It With Tiffany Faye

is returning for another saucy, EVOLVED Season. The Show is now available in the Podcast format and available wherever you podcast and videos are available on YouTube. 




Tiffany Grant

Executive Producer & Host

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